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Individual Therapy

My individual sessions are focused on helping individuals gain an
understanding into their past and present problems, worries, traumatic
experiences and day to day life stressors. These sessions allow people to become enlightened about their experiences, while learning to express their authentic feelings and emotions in a safe environment to inspire change and improve their quality of life.

Couples Therapy

My couples sessions are designed to help couples deepen their
understanding of one another while managing conflict in their relationship
and improve communication interactions.

Therapy in Virginia

Family Therapy

My family sessions are designed to address specific issues that affect the
psychological health of the family. These family sessions aim to assist in
identifying any barriers and unhealthy family patterns to strengthen the
family bond.
I’m passionate about working with individuals, families, and couples
addressing issues, such as :
Mood Disorder
Grief & Loss
Anger Management
Relationship Conflicts